We might indicate you need a root canal treatment due to deep decay or infection of the inner structure of a tooth, this treatment is performed to keep a tooth that otherwise will have to be removed. We achieve a high success rate!

To know if you might need a root canal ask yourself if there is an abscess, swelling area, or tenderness, if your tooth is sensitive to cold, hot or while chewing. Is there any pain? This treatment should be performed by an Endodontist and usually it will require just one appointment. Only in some cases we could need more than one appointment. The area will be numbed and isolated with a rubber dam in order to keep saliva out of your tooth plus prevent you from swallowing the solutions used to clean your tooth. An access will then be opened on top of your tooth to be able to reach and clean the canals thoroughly. Afterwards the canals are dried, filled, and sealed with special materials, your tooth will then need a crown.

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